Messaging apps through the internet were relevant through these days, especially with this health crisis. Actually, I'm using this both platform on my own different ways and I know that some of you were already knew these apps since we often use it as our mode of communication. This episode will talk about the comparison between these two apps and I will differentiate their feature then I will tally who will gonna be the winner. Plus, I will mark points in every category and of course, if the majority of points were higher rather than its opponent, then it will be considered him as the winner for this round. I'm not intending to hurt someone's feelings and we were just comparing the two without degrading people so if you were too sensitive then go back to your mother's womb, joke. POPULARITY Messenger App had already one billion downloads while Telegram were only almost half of the users of that mentioned app. We all know that almost all of use were using Messenger in our everyday life while Telegram is just our alternative app that such a waste of MB into our phones. Therefore, the winner would be Messenger.